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Personal development, emotional intelligence, Kaizen habits… Basically, our best efforts to get our life in order.

How can I improve the quality of my quotidian life? How can I make the ordinary extraordinary?

Quarantine had me wondering about my everyday routine. What I could implement, or take out to make life a little better. I’m not talking about changing the world or doing something transcendental. It’s more of the immediate actions and decisions I make to ameliorate life in the short term.

Something I know for sure is that life’s better when the people that surround me are happy.

I mean don’t you feel great when you make someone else feel great?

Kindness does not only…

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Taking time for yourself and listening to your body and soul is crucial when it comes to our well being. In this article, I’ll give you 14 practices to cultivate a healthier mindset.

I challenged myself to do one of these activities every day for 2 weeks.

Here are the results.

Day 1:

Unfollow negative social media accounts. Follow the ones that bring you joy, and are educational.


A Transition Period

Being single doesn’t mean being alone.

I know that sometimes it can be difficult due to a lack of affection and wanting to share your projects with someone.

Try to think of it as a state of transition. A state to improve your personal formation before you are ready and sure you want to give yourself to someone else. This is an opportunity to grow in love. In self-love. Try to discover that dream that makes you be fully you.

Although this is a path of transition, it’s still a path of peace. This is a time of holistic healing…

Breakups suck.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done it already, they still suck. And even though we have already experienced that feeling before and survived it, losing someone is never easy. It just hurts.

There’s this feeling of being in a parallel world where everything has stopped. But let’s be honest with ourselves, nothing has stopped, and life goes on. Days keep passing by, and everything but your relationship status is the same.

So I wonder, why is it that we have so many things going on, all of our future in front of us, and we think…


A number equal to 2 times 10, equal to 4 times 5, and equal to RUN.

I have friends who are already married with babies, friends who are studying or traveling around the world. I have other friends that are completely independent, some of us have jobs but still live with our parents to save in rent and have all the comforts that come with it, and the rest just don’t know WTF is happening with their life. Probably most of us are still figuring out some shit, and learning out of life in our own process.

Asja Boroš

First, we need to ask ourselves:

  1. What challenges do I face every day?
  2. How have the experiences I’ve lived changed my behavior and my view of the world?
  3. And why?

Asking these questions helps us to get to know ourselves better, and understand the way we act. This is the only way we can embrace the qualities of the person we want to be, and correct those behaviors and reactions that make us the person we DON’T want to be.

Instinctive Love

Most people don’t know that our spiritual love is linked to our instincts and has direct repercussions over our passions.

Have you ever wondered what’s the actual meaning for the term “modern love”?

Is modern love a man loving a man, or two women loving each other? Not as a father loves a son, or the love between two sisters. No, love in the romantic sense.

It’s a fact that we are living in an unstable world. Old certainties do not exist anymore. In the business world, all our stories about growth are somehow placed as irrelevant to what we have had to face in this time of crisis.

Covid19 has caused so much turbulence over our health, economy, and the way our society works. We’ve been forced to take immediate decisions without having much time to process all the consequences that can result in life or death, literally.

But these rushed choices, are the ones that show us exactly the type of leaders we are…

Negotiation is happening in our everyday activities. It implicates communicating our point of view and give something in exchange of another. Is about our capacity to understand what we want and how we use our skills to ask for it.

Negotiation isn’t necessarily about business. We can negotiate with our partner, friends, kids, siblings, parents, neighbors, etc.

Here’s some advice for any kind of negotiation you may encounter on work and your everyday life.

1. Ask yourself in what environment am I negotiating and with whom?

Before each negotiation we must prepare ourselves, assess our progress, adapt our strategy and get ready again.


  • To assess leverage.
  • To increase power.
  • To set…

Life can get really dull after being stuck at home for 3 months in a row.

So, as an attempt to make your life less boring, here you have some activities I’ve been doing to cope with my quarantine.

01. Redecorate

First, I would like to start by saying that Covid has reduced my expenses significantly.

I decided to use all the money I used to spend on: transport, eating out, clubbing, going to the movies, shopping, etc. to redecorate my room.

You can decide to either take advantage of the cut in costs to save some money, or invest in creating…

Javiera Salazar

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